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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ύμνος Ορθόδοξον Προεόρτιον - Σπήλαιον εύτρεπίζου...

Υμνος Ορθόδοξον Προεόρτιον
Σπήλαιον εύτρεπίζου.
Ηχος πλ.β.
"Κωνσταντίνος Π. Μπιλάλης"

Σπήλαιον εὐτρεπίζου· ἡ Ἀμνὰς γὰρ ἥκει, ἔμβρυον φέρουσα Χριστόν· Φάτνη δὲ ὑποδέχου, τὸν τῷ λόγῳ λύσαντα τῆς ἀλόγου πράξεως, ἡμᾶς τοὺς γηγενεῖς, Ποιμένες ἀγραυλοῦντες, μαρτυρεῖτε θαῦμα τὸ φρικτόν, καὶ Μάγοι ἐκ Περσίδος, χρυσὸν καὶ λίβανον καὶ τῷ Βασιλεῖ προσάξατε, σμύρναν, ὅτι ὤφθη Κύριος ἐκ Παρθένου Μητρός, ὃν περ καὶ κύψασα, δουλικῶς ἡ Μήτηρ προσεκύνησε, καὶ προσεφθέγξατο τῷ ἐν ἀγκάλαις αὐτῆς· Πῶς ἐνεσπάρης μοι, ἢ πῶς μοι ἐνεφύης, ὁ λυτρωτής μου καὶ Θεός; 

Text in English

Prepare yourself,O Grotto,for the Ewe is coming,carrying Christ in her womb,O Manger,receive Him who released us earthlings from irrational activity by His word.
You shepherds watching by night,witness to the awesome wonder.
And you Magi from Persia,offer gold,frankincense,and myrrh to the King.
For the Lord has appeared from a virgin Mother.
And bending over Him,the Mother,as servant,worshiped Him,and addressed the Infant in her arms,
"How were You sown in me,and how were You implanted
in me,O my Redeemer and my God?"

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