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Thursday, 3 December 2015


Tone1,Chanted by Petros Gaitanos
Double Christmas "Katavasies"

(Simple and iambic)

Ήχος Α΄Ψάλλει ο Πέτρος Γαϊτάνος
Διπλές καταβασίες Χριστουγέννων(απλές & ιαμβικές)

Katavasias of Christmas I and II

Christ is born; glorify Him! * Christ is
come from heaven; go and meet Him. * Christ
is on earth; arise to Him. * Sing to the Lord, all
you who dwell on the earth; * and in merry
spirits, O you peoples, praise His birth. * For
He is glorified.

Mode 1.
Working signs of old the Master saved the
people, * replacing fluid waves of the sea with
dry land. * Now born of a Maid by His own
will, He has made * passable a way to heaven.
Him, in essence * equal to mankind and the
Father, we glorify.

Ode iii.
To the Son, begotten * without flux, of the
Father, before the ages, * and who was lately
made incarnate * of the Virgin without seed; *
to Christ God now let us cry aloud: * You have
exalted the horn of our strength. Only You are
holy, O Lord.

Hearken, Benefactor, to the hymns of Your
servants, * and humble the arrogant contempt
of the foe. * Carry us Your musicians, all-
seeing Master, * high above all sin, immovably
established * firmly on the Faith's foundation,
O Blessed One.

Ode iv.
Jesse's root produced a branch, O Christ, *
and You its flower blossomed forth, * from the
Virgin who by Habakkuk prophetically once
was called * overshadowed, dense mountain.
* From her who knew not man You came
incarnate, * the immaterial God. * Glory to
Your power, O Lord.

Prophet Habakkuk in his ode was
foretelling * mankind's remaking, when of old
he was granted * to see its type in a manner
past expression: * From the Virgin mountain
as a newborn infant * the Logos emerged, to
refashion the peoples.

Ode v.
God of peace and Father of mercies,
Your Son * You have sent unto us as Your
messenger, * the Angel of great counsel who
is granting peace to all. * Therefore having
been guided to the light of godly knowledge, *
waking from the night to dawn, we sing Your
glory, O Lover of man.

Would that You come, O Christ, to us who
once were darkened * by the night of works of
error, but who offer * hymns to You wakefully
now, O Benefactor. * Grant us forgiveness, and
make easy the pathway. * Ascending this path
may we also find glory.

Ode vi.
Such as it received * Jonah as an embryo,
the sea beast disgorged him from its bowels
intact. * With the Virgin, though, when the
Logos had dwelt in her taking on flesh, *
He came forth from her preserving her yet
incorrupt. * For from her no fluxion suffered
He, * and He kept her unaltered in childbirth.

Jonah, as he sat in the sea's deepest
caverns, * implored to come to You and out
of the tempest. * But as for me, by the tyrant's
arrows wounded, * I pray You, O Christ, the
Destroyer of evil, * come to me quicker than
my soul's own indifference.

Ode vii.
The Servants nurtured piously together,
* with contempt regarding the impious
king's decree, * intrepidly faced the threat of
holocaust, * and while standing in the midst of
flames they chanted thus, * saying: O God of
the fathers, You are blessed.

As the three young men were ensnared
by the longing * for the King of all, hence
they disdained the tyrant's * impious chatter,
though he was very angry. * The infinite fire
yielded to them, who uttered, * Blessed are
You, O Master, unto the ages.

Ode viii.
Babylon's bedewing furnace bore the
image * of an extraordinary wonder. * For
it did not burn the youths it accepted, *
nor did the fire of Divinity consume the
Virgin's womb wherein it went. * So let us
melodiously chant in praise: * Let all creation
bless and extol the Lord, * and let it exalt Him
supremely to the ages.

We praise and we bless and we worship the
Standing in fire without burning, the
young men * did of old portray thus the
womb of the Maiden. * Remaining sealed,
supernaturally it gave birth. * Grace with a
single miracle-working power * did both, and
rouses all the peoples to sing praise. 

Canon I.
Mode 1.
O my soul, magnify her who is greater in
honor and in glory than the armies of heaven.
I see here a strange and paradoxical
mystery. * For, behold, the grotto is heaven;
* cherubic throne is the Virgin; * the manger
a grand space * in which Christ our God the
uncontainable reclined as a babe; * Whom in
extolling do we magnify. 

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