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Friday, 10 June 2016




Written by George Theoharis

He writes about the historical similarities between the Roman

Emperor  Constantine and Vladimir Putin

 A great many myths have been created around the personality of Vladimir Putin.  Not infrequently extravagant stories have been circulating about him.  The story that follows although it may seem improbable is in fact true.

        The story takes place in Russia during the 80’s, specifically 1985, when everything in the country was ruled by fear and slavery.  Many Russians in fact were afraid to make the sign of the cross because they feared they would lose their jobs.  University students feared that they would be expelled from their schools.  Families were afraid of losing their housing and so many other horrible things that only those who lived at that time experienced.  Fifty percent of the Russians would spy on their neighbors.  Putin at that time was not even an insignificant member of the KGB.

        The story is told that a group of young people visited a Russian Orthodox Monastery in which lived a holy Elder who was known to have the gift of discernment.  The young people wanted to talk with the enlightened Elder.  Near the end of their conversation with the Elder, he told them just a few words which seemed strange and unintelligible at the time.  He said to them: “Rasputin* destroyed Russia and a Putin will save Russia.”

        The young visitors left and the years went by, Communism disintegrated suddenly followed by Perestroika which was introduced by Gorbachev.  In spite of the sudden freedom that the people received, the good days the Russians expected did not happen right away.   In fact, the troubles that followed Perestroika made many Russians nostalgic for Communism.  Corruption was rampant, the people were starving, the state employees were not paid their salaries and the mafia was running the country.   There was no law and order.  The military forces were neglected.  The Soviet Democracies that made up the USSR fell away and became independent.  The former Soviet Union became the laughing stock of the world.

        The Western oligarchies and the New World Order were now free to initiate their plans for One World Government.  The orange revolution transformed Russia into an insignificant protectorate like Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.  The control of Russia was in the hands of the mafia and the extensive natural resources of the country were owned by a few companies.  The dream of the Western powers to create the New World Order was now possible to become a reality.

        During this time of profound crisis Vladimir Putin came upon the scene.  During the course of his first and second terms as president of the country (2000-2008), the economy recovered along with the stable political leadership.   This recovery was boosted by the abundance of petroleum and natural gas deposits.  The salaries of government employees were being paid, the military was reorganized, and a sense of national pride was regained.  This meant that the plans of the West were now being frustrated.

        The prophetic words that were spoken by the Russian Holy Man fifteen years ago astoundingly had been fulfilled.  Rasputin was the symbol of corruption.  He is the one who tore asunder the prestige of Christian Tsarist Russia.  This happened a short time before the October Revolution and was responsible for its success.    Vladimir Putin is the symbol of Russia’s renaissance.  He is the one who brought back Russian pride and prepared the foundation for the New Christian Russia.  It became evident to the people that the powerful do not rule but the Providence of God. 

        The way Putin came upon the scene in Russia is similar to what Emperor Constantine did in the Roman Empire.  Both of them turned to the Christian Faith in their later years and both of them took over an atheistic empire that was disintegrating.   They both slowly transformed their countries into powerful Christian countries.  Both of them realized the important role   Christianity plays in the cohesion of their countries.  The two of them were greatly misunderstood in doing this and were fiercely attacked.  In the face of this they showed great prudence and showed their ability to govern.  The greatest of their abilities was that they were invincible in dealing with strategic diplomacy and political maneuvering.     

        During the years of his leadership Putin has shown us clear examples of his Orthodox Christian identity.  He has visited Mount Athos two times and visited Jerusalem once.  He has defended the Russian Orthodox Church and took measures against the dissemination of homosexuality.  He brought back religious studies in the schools.  He has shown us with his actions that he is the only stable and serious leader who opposes Islam’s attempt to dominate the world.  He has done this in the face of Western attempts to shore up Islamic terrorists for political gain.  It appears then that as long as Putin lives, Russia has hope for success.  Along with Russia, the rest of the world thirsts after less injustice, less exploitation, less violence, less exploitation of the weak by the powerful, less terrorism, and less persecution against the Christians of the world.

*I think that it is important for us to say a few words about Grigori Yeimovich Rasputin since the clairvoyant monk spoke about him in his encounter with the young people who came to see him at his Monastery in 1985.   Rasputin was a Russian peasant, a mystical faith healer, and a trusted friend of the family of Nicholas ll, the last Tsar of Russia.  He became an influential figure in Saint Petersburg, especially after August 1915, when Nicholas took command of the army fighting in World War l.  

There is uncertainty over much of Rasputin’s life and the degree of influence he exerted over the Tsar and Alexandra Feodorovna, his wife.  Accounts are often based on dubious memoirs, hearsay, and legend.  While his influence and position may have been exaggerated, he had become synonymous with power, debauchery and lust.  His presence played a significant role in the increasing unpopularity of the Imperial couple.  Since Communism is the personification of evil, there is no doubt that Rasputin was the instrument of Satan that brought Russia and the world such great death, tragedy and destruction. 

Fr. Constantine J. Simones, Waterford, CT, USA, June 7, 2016, 860-460-9089,

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